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Areas of Practice
  • Federal Workers' Compensation Actions (including Longshore & Harbor Workers) (Worldwide)
  • Defense Base Act (DBA) (Worldwide)
  • Non-Appropriated Funds Instrumentalities Act (NFIA) (Worldwide)
  • Workers' Compensation (State of New Jersey)
  • Personal Injury Actions (State of New Jersey)
  • Small Business Transactions (State of New Jersey)
  • Social Security - SSDI; SSI; Over Payment Claims (State of New Jersey)
  • All Municipal Court Matters (State of New Jersey)
  • Criminal Defense (State of New Jersey)
  • Drunk Driving Violations (State of New Jersey)

Marciano & Topazio has successfully prosecuted claims made by overseas employees and their families. To learn how to file a claim or to contact one of our attorneys, please contact us at 908-994-0161 or e-mail us at

The consultation is free and there is no fee unless there is a successful resolution of the claim. Please note that claims must be filed promptly to protect your rights.

You are risking your life just like the soldiers in uniform and your right to file a claim was put in place by the government you are serving. A delay in filing can adversely effect your claim.

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