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The Defense Base Act 42 U.S.C. Section 1551 (DBA), extends the provisions of the Longshore & Harbor Workers' Compensation Act to certain classes of employees. When the Defense Base Act was enacted in August, 1941 it was intended to cover civilians employed at American military bases overseas. The statute was adopted at the request of the Secretary of War in order to enable the United States government and its defense contractors to avoid the substantial costs of obtaining insurance coverage over these employees for total liability in accidents.

Following World War II, the DBA's coverage was expanded to civilians working on overseas construction projects for the United States or its allies. The statute's scope was subsequently widened to cover employees fulfilling service contracts tied to a construction project or to a national defense activity.

Today, DBA coverage extends to so called public work contracts, other overseas contracts that are financed by the United States government and work that is performed on overseas American military bases and overseas military–related installations.

Additionally, The Non-appropriated Funds Instrumentalities Act provides workers' compensation coverage to civilians employees of non-appropriated fund instrumentalities (such as post exchanges) of the armed forces here and abroad.

As an injured worker overseas, you are entitled to compensation for lost wages, payment of medical bills and payment of compensation for any permanent injury.

Learn what your rights are as an injured civilian contractor, or as a family member whose spouse is injured or killed overseas by contacting us. Learn more about the DBA and NFIA by visiting

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